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Hi, I’m Eric. I’d love to help you to transform how you see, feel, and live your life. Whether you would like to feel more present and powerful at work, create more fulfilling relationships, express yourself more freely, or find and deepen your path in life, I can help you clear the obstacles to your best self and your best life.

Discovering how to live at the edge of your comfort zone, and learning how to dance with the pain, wonder, fear and joy that life brings is not for everyone. If you feel in your gut that there is more to life than what you are experiencing now, and you are willing to commit the time and resources it takes to have it, then I can guide you on your journey.

IFS Therapy: Trauma - Eric Sjoberg


Trauma can have invisible effects on our lives. Depression, ADHD, relationship and intimacy difficulties, some syndromes, physical and emotional ailments all can have a source in unresolved trauma that occurred at any point in our lives. Assessing this and focusing on resolving trauma is essential to making progress in personal growth.


Motivation and discipline are fundamental to transformation. If we are not motivated, or if we do not have the discipline to follow through on our motivation, we must address this. If our motivation is low, it is extremely helpful to learn what helps us be more motivated and disciplined to transform ourselves.

IFS Therapy: Motivation - Eric Sjoberg
IFS Therapy: Presence - Eric Sjoberg


Our ability to be present with sensations, emotions, situations, and other people as they are is a skill that is essential if we are to grow. If we are not present to reality as it is, we are helpless to change it. Learning to be present with What Is, and to accept it, is a skill that meditation teachers have been teaching for millennia and is a fertile practice ground.


Power is a skill that shows up in our power to choose, to be disciplined with our impulses and reactions, and to set boundaries with others. This is essential to regulate our nervous systems, and to feel safe in the world and with other people.

IFS Therapy: Power - Eric Sjoberg
v Therapy: Love - Eric Sjoberg


Love is perhaps the most important to us as creatures that crave and thrive on bonding. However, we must learn first to love ourselves before we can love another. Through presence and power, we can learn to create a bubble of safety and self-love, and to recognize that most of our dissatisfaction in our relationships derives from trying to make our partners fill the needs that, in reality, we need to fill for ourselves.


“Eric’s work is it. I have been seeking for years, and now I have the tools I need to breathe where I couldn’t before.

Eric’s work gets to the root. I consider myself a savvy guy in the world of growth and living well, living consciously. But I have continued to struggle, especially in relationship. I have sought all sorts of help from other therapists, men’s groups, spiritual work, body based somatic and nervous system work… I have been around.

With the latest work I have been doing with Eric, I feel like there is nothing else I need.”

Skeet, San Diego, CA

“As a survivor of stage IIIB breast cancer, I had the imperative need for regaining confidence in my body and life force. Working with Eric helped me to reconnect to a calmer more relaxed place within. His hands and voice were a stabilizing force which allowed me to rest and relax. He has a way of patiently listening and intuiting what my body and mind need to feel more peace and wholeness. I am very grateful for his healing energy and caring disposition. I would highly recommend him for anyone who needs comfort and healing in their life.”

Margaret V., La Jolla, CA

“Working with Eric was a transformational experience for me. I felt totally safe in the environment he created and trusted his integrity and intention. During my sessions I was able to move deeper through places in my psyche that I was still resisting. His skill, curiosity and interest in my exploration gently encouraged me to open to previously unknown inner territory. The experience and energetic movement created changes that continue to have an impact on me in my life. I am looking forward to my next session!”

Teri T., San Diego, CA

“Eric creates such a feeling of safety and trust, I’ve been able to open up feelings and parts of my personality which I have longed to feel, and access parts of myself that have been locked up for years.”

Robert V., San Diego

“Eric saved my life. After years of work with ADHD and PTSD, Eric had me on my feet and running within a matter of weeks. His kind heart and keen intuition combined with such a gentle bedside manner made it easy to allow him into my life where others had failed. Within my first sessions I was getting results, I felt free and empowered to accomplish what seemed so overwhelming for most of my life. I feel balanced and am no longer operating in reaction mode. It has even drawn the attention of those around me, they tell me how happy I look all the time.”

Chris H., San Diego, CA

“Eric helped me transform my ‘dark night of the soul’ into a source of power, joy and ease in my life. The work we have done together has permanently released the obstacles to having an epic relationship with my beloved, and I am forever changed, and grateful.”

Dawn G., San Diego, CA

Can 30 Minutes Change Your Life?

The Love Power and Presence session is a life-changing one-on-one 30-minute conversation that can help you begin to get unstuck from any troubling spots in your life. It is also an opportunity for you and I to get to know each other and see if we might work well together, and if so, what path would be best for us to take.