Couples Counseling

engaged-couplesThe struggles and suffering you are in with your partner are the portal to something important for each of you…

They are the key to becoming conscious of something you haven’t seen yet in yourself or your partner; some old pain or trauma that is bouncing around your unconscious; something you are avoiding or afraid of; some place in you that is stuck or fixated, or asleep.

Relationships are perhaps the most profound arena to awaken, to learn from each other and to grow and evolve. Whether you stay together or split up is yet to be seen, but what is happening right now is a profound opportunity for each of you. I am here to help you to discover that opportunity, and to create a container for you to work with it to grow and evolve into more and more of who you are, as a person and as a partner, and if possible as a couple.

Developing communication tools that can support each person, as well as the couple, is an essential step in building a healthy, loving, long-lasting relationship. Learning how to communicate with an awareness of what is going on in one’s own body, emotions, and nervous system can greatly reduce chronic reactivity between partners.

Couples counseling with a somatic base can rekindle Eros by giving each partner new tools for the body, mind, and heart, so that your relationship can find its way to more love, more safety, better boundaries and better communication.

If both of you are deeply committed to doing the work, as a couple and as individuals, there is tremendous possibilities for healing and growth. Even if one of you is deeply motivated and the other is guarded and hurting, there is still hope.

I work online via Zoom for all sessions, unless otherwise arranged within covid protections. Contact me by email.

Every point of friction or reactive place that you have with each other is a portal to awakening more to who you are.


Discovering how to live at the edge of your comfort zone, and learning how to dance with the pain, wonder, fear and joy that life brings is not for everyone. If you feel deep in your gut that there is more to life than what you are experiencing now, and you are willing to commit the time and resources it takes to learn how to live there, then I can guide you on your journey.

Let’s explore how we can create more love, potency and presence in every area of your life.


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