Relationship Fundamentals Class



If you are single, you want to attract your ideal partner.

If you are in a committed relationship, you want a relationship where you grow and thrive everyday.



Do you want to be in a deeply intimate and connected relationship?

Have you longed for better communication?

Would you like a relationship without conflict?


Imagine if your relationship was filled with grace and ease and you could experience abundant joy, intimacy and pleasure. How would your entire life change?

 That’s why I am teaching Relationship Fundamentals. In this course,  you will:

  •  Learn how to have a loving connection, rather than be lost in negative cycles

  • Discover the healing and transformative power of love and bonding

  • Unhook from the pain of old patterns

  • Have a mind blowing love and sex life

This class is currently full. Please contact Eric for more information, and to express your interest in the upcoming weekend intensive format.

Explore a new topic every week:

  • Duality and Reality

  • Communication

  • Instinct and the Involuntary in relationship

  • Family of Origin and it’s impact on relationship

  • Romance and Sex


  • Awareness Acceptance Approval

  • Love and Bonding

  • Concentric Circles of Relationship

  • Inner Parenting

  • Navigating Conflict

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