Class: Parenting the Shadow of the Inner Child

8 week class starting Monday, October 13, 2014 – 6:30pm to 9:30 pm
(meets every other Monday, with time off during holidays)

Location: TBA in Normal Heights, San Diego

Cost $500 (payment plans available)

Exploring the array of characters that live within us gonna_die_jung_by_zarla-d7gek5winvariably involves discovering the inner child, or an array of them.  Whether they are playful, or innocent, or hungry for attention, love, touch or sex, or terrified, or angry, we likely have some version or other inside. Discovering and accepting them, being curious about them, and what their needs and desires and fears are, can be a profoundly transformative experience in and of itself.

Taking it to the next level, and learning how to grow an inner parent that is attuned to them, supportive, and unconditionally loving of them leads to growth of an even greater order. To learn to tune into these parts of ourself more and more, in real time throughout our day, and sooth and support them is a profoundly healing experience. These parts of us often have physical tensions, instincts, emotions, and thought patterns that underlie our every day life to such a point as to have a great affect. More often than not this effect blocks us from having a fulfilling, loving life.

I am offering an 8 week Shadow Work class focused on supporting this process of discovering and supporting the inner child through growing an inner parent.

We will gather together every other week to find our way inward to the little ones that are driving some of how we feel and how we behave in a way that is very possibly problematic. Learning the language of sensation and feeling with these little ones in us, what their needs are, and how to learn to parent and care for them so that we aren’t unconsciously trying to get others to meet their needs is key. Journaling and other homework assignments will help you deepen this experience.


We will:

  • Do art
  • Dialog with our inner child and our inner parent
  • Discover our unmet needs from childhood
  • Play
  • Process old traumas (gently)
  • Learn about the nature of bonding, and the healing nature of Oxytocin
  • Share in the healing power of story telling
  • AND MOST IMPORTANT: we will get to know our inner parent and our inner child!
  • Heal

Maximum class size is 8.

$100 deposit reserves your spot. Class is limited to 8 participants and it may sell out.

To register email Eric

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