Inner Parenting in Intimate Relationship

Inner Parenting Intimacy


Saturday, March 28, 2015
5pm to 7pm
Expressive Arts at 32nd and Thorn
San Diego, CA

Cost: Donation


Healing old wounds from childhood is something that each of us has at least contemplated, if not jumped into with both feet with work such as Inner Parenting. When we work in the realm of adult romantic relationship, the Inner Parenting unveils a whole new dimension that can bring healing and bonding between couples in a way that is heartwarming and hopeful.

When we can find the residual issues in our heart, mind, or body that interrupt the movement towards another, the discovery itself is sometimes enough to resolve it. It also happens that we need to work more deeply with these pieces of the puzzle to resolve them.

The discovery of these pieces and the fumbling we have in resolving them, sooner or later lead us to have much more compassion for our beloved’s rumblings, wherever they show up.

Join me to explore this perspective with a lecture, exercises, and Q & A.

Eric Sjoberg, Organizer Bio:

Through his coaching and somatic therapy practice, Eric has helped hundreds of people find more intimacy, romance, connection and success since 1995. He helps people with integrating Power and Love in body, mind, and heart.

Eric does this using many of his own material, and through a unique blend of Somatic Experiencing®, Pathwork® Spiritual Counseling, and a lifetime of exploring personal and spiritual growth paths. Clients who have struggled hopelessly have found more peace and fulfillment in working with Eric than they ever thought possible.

When Eric isn’t helping people feel better, he can be found anywhere between the trees and waves of San Diego, or wandering in uncharted ethereal realms of spirit and ether, crafting his writing about love, non duality, or the vast and wondrous realms of the human shadow, or adventuring in and around San Diego with his significant someone. Most of his earthly adventures involve healthy eating, travel, yoga, dancing, and finding ways to be with nature.

Eric strives to bring as much fun and adventure to his work as he does in his personal life. He brings an air of being an ordinary guy, (which he is!) and sees the adventure of difficult experiences as an opportunity, not a burden.

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