Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems is a profound model and method of healing and awakening. As it happens, it coincides and complements the model I have been developing for some years on Power, Love, & Presence.

The basis of the somewhat clinical term of IFS is built on a deeply human notion that we are not just one person but a collection of sub-personalities or parts.

Beyond the fairly common notion in psychology and the personal growth notion of Parts, IFS adds a recognition of an inherent Self that can lead all the parts. Known by other names such as the Higher Self, or the Awakened Self, Atman, or the Divine. The healing and awakening process in IFS is largely about the unblending of the parts from Self, like many bumper stickers peeled off.

Different parts of us have different perspectives, sensations, emotions, gifts, and strengths. Some of these parts may have gotten burdened in the past, especially childhood by shock trauma and attachment trauma.

In addition to Self unblending from parts, the healing and awakening process includes helping these parts to unburden from their pain and traumas.

Internal Family Systems: Inside Out Film

The Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out is a good introduction to Parts (though it did not use or portray Self. You may want to see this if you haven’t already. A delightful film!

And here is a link to the IFS official outline of the model:

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