Free 90 minute Breakthrough Session

with Eric Sjoberg

Eric’s sessions are powerful and penetrating. If your application (open to new clients only)  for a session is accepted, you will be able to explore  with him what you are struggling with, and where you want to go in your life and your relationship life. He will help you to see the landscape of your inner life in ways that are completely out of the box– creative and life changing perspectives. He will help you to find some key ways to move towards your goals.

Sign up below to get your brief application. When you get it, reply with the questions answered to the best of your ability. Get ready for a Breakthrough!


Eric doesn’t offer relationship ‘advice.” he helps me hear for he first time what I am ‘really’ saying, or what my partner is saying. That is real relationship support.”

Eric has helped me feel the abundance of love and affection that is in the world and this has helped me to relate from that abundance, instead of the scarcity that I have been living in my whole life. I love being in relationship now! It is hard for me to remember the way that I used to live in fear and frustration with women now! Thank you!

Thank you brother! I couldn’t have gotten here without you!

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