Navigating Introversion with Power, Love, and Presence
man at sea

Tired of watching life instead of living it?

Struggle with being shy or introverted?

Stuck in the “nice guy/friend zone” rut?

Looking to create change in your life but are just stuck?

Want to energize your career and your prosperity?

Want to hack your productivity, health, and confidence?

Get the support you need for the change you want.

We are looking for three new members of our men’s group. Committed to personal growth and learning to be more powerful, present, and loving.

Navigating challenges in work, relationships, and personal growth as men in our culture has largely been in solitude.

Whether it be struggling with the consequences of being a Nice Guy, and all the problems that that creates in love and work, or whether we are trying to find our way to being more awake and present in our minds, bodies, and hearts, hanging out with men can be a huge help.

Eric brings 25 years of men’s work and his skills and experience as a somatic therapist to bear in supporting the men that join this circle. And, the men that are called to this are of a caliber that will bring each other support in a way that goes deep, and will help us to face ourselves in places that we have not seen, and to grow in places where we have been stuck.

This is a group of like-minded men who are committed to developing and integrating potency and vulnerability, to self-facing, and mutual support. We will have some combination of check-ins, movement, process, and discussion. There will occasionally be some ceremony that will help us to integrate our work more deeply.

Join the Group!

  • First night is open to check it out!
  • 8-Week Men’s Group
  • Wednesdaysstarting with INTRO NIGHT January 11, 2016 at a private Home in Normal Heights
  • 6:30- 9:30pm
  • Full attendance at each meeting is encouraged. Skype available if you cannot make it.
  • Admittance to group subject to approval by Eric
  • The work we do is deep and not for the faint of heart.
  • Note that there may be a waiting list. If you don’t know Eric, schedule a free session first  @ www.ericsjoberg.com/apply to assure your place. Men who have worked with Eric have priority. Interview with Eric may be required.

Cost and Payment:

  • First meeting on JANUARY 11: Cost $15 (register and pay in window to right –>) Or $25 at the door.
  • If you like it and stay: Total Cost for 8 meetings: $500.
  • Optional all day workshop, details to come (additional fee)
  • Early bird discount: $450 ends January 2 (space available)
  • Payment plan 1: $275 deposit by JANUARY 11, plus 1 payment of $275 by FEBRUARY 11 for total of $550
  • Payment plan 2: $150 deposit by JANUARY 11  plus $75 each week for 6 weeks (space available) for total of $600
  • This is a small, intimate process group. Limited to 6 participants, minimum 5.

Get free of the "nice guy" syndrome

stop getting stuck in the “friend zone”

Discover your blind spots

with honest reflection from others

Learn deep, authentic connection

by setting aside your mask


Men’s Group Intro Night Register BELOW (Pay to right)

Men’s Group Intro Night Register BELOW (Payment below)

Payment Below (Register to Left)

(space is very limited, and non-refundable deposit will hold your space)

Payment Below (Register above)

(space is very limited, and non-refundable deposit will hold your space)

Payment Options
“This is a life changing experience which I would recommend to any man who wants to see himself clearly from a place of strength while still being connected to others. Kudos to you and this work!”

San Diego, CA

By helping me become more conscious of patterns and previous life lessons, Eric has put me on a path toward finding an ideal and healthy relationship that I desire and deserve.”

Carlsbad, CA

“Eric’s work is it.  I have been seeking for years, and now I have the tools I need to breathe where I couldn’t before.

Eric’s work gets to the root.  I consider myself a savvy guy in the world of growth and living well, living consciously.  But I have continued to struggle, especially in relationship.  I have sought all sorts of help from other therapists, men’s groups, spiritual work, body based somatic and nervous system work…  I have been around.

With the latest work I have been doing with Eric, I feel like there is nothing else I need. “

San Diego, CA

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