Info and Poll for “Power and Love Intensive for Men”

Okay, so you have heard me talk about the upcoming intensive “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (click here for info on the talk on Thursday) to heal from your nice guy syndrome from me for weeks. We are almost there!

Here is a bit more of the details about what we will be doing, and a poll to help work out the details that will make this work best for as many of you as I can.

There are already 9 men interested in this, and I have not yet done any promotion. If you are reading this, you are one of those men. The class will be limited to 9 men.

We are going deep in to what interrupts our ability to stand in who we are in our life and relationships. The format of a combination of weekly sessions surrounding a weekend intensive is a powerful way to dig deeply through our misconceptions and resistance, and our racket, and to access our capacity to stand full in our potency, to be willing to express our needs, set our boundaries, and to go for our dreams, all while being loving, present men.

Registration for this will open on April 28, and the class will begin the week of May 18, either Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday night (to be determined from poll below).

In order to support the most transformation in as efficient a way as possible, the format of the class will be a combination of:

  • 8 weekly evening group meetings
  • 1 weekend workshop

The weekend workshop will be Friday night 6-10pm, Saturday from 10am – 9pm, and Sunday from 10am to 3pm. (Hours may change). And, if all goes as planned, we will be in full residential retreat with food and room and board for  a nominal fee.

The format for the weekend will include individual and group process, meditation, movement, writing,  to clear old patterns of niceness and to create new patterns of behavior to live the life you are aiming for. There will be a panel of beautiful, embodied women that know what they like in how a man relates to them, and how to speak to men about sex, love, power, relationship, and courtship. You will be able to ask them questions to help understand yourself, and to drop into who you are becoming as a more powerful and loving man.

Also, I am finalizing details to arrange  a segment with world renowned sexuality educator and tantrika Triambika  who will help us connect into our potency and sexuality from a deeper place of power and love.

We are going deep. We are going to support each other. You don’t have to work through this stuff alone.

The cost will be $1000 per man. Payment plans available (see below).

Prepare yourself for some serious transformation.

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