Office Policies


All information disclosed within sessions is held confidential by me, Eric Sjoberg, and is not given to anyone outside of the context of clinical consultation without your permission except where disclosure is required by law (i.e. where there is reasonable suspicion or possibility of child or elder/dependent adult abuse, actual or potential; where you present a danger of grave violence to another; or where you are likely to harm yourself unless protective measures are taken.)


In order to best support the process of change I recommend weekly sessions, although every other week will work, especially after we have spent some time together. Please let me know how often you would like to schedule your sessions so I can do my best to meet your needs. Once an appointment time has been scheduled, I will expect to see you at that time each week unless a different arrangement has been made. If there is a change in scheduling or any confusion regarding your appointment time, it is your responsibility to contact me in a timely manner. Please note that if 2 sessions in a row are missed or cancelled, I cannot guarantee that the time slot will be held for you.


I require a minimum of 24 hours notice both by phone and email to make sure the message is received for cancellations. This includes your need to reschedule. If you call and email within less than 24 hours to cancel or reschedule, or if you miss/forget your appointment, you will be charged the full fee.


You may pay for your sessions by cash, check, Visa/MC, money order, or PayPal. If you are paying by credit card, cash or check I recommend paying at the beginning of your session to avoid distraction before you leave. There is a $30 charge for returned checks. After three returned checks, a different form of payment may be required.

Although I am not accepting insurance at this time, I am happy to give you an invoice for our sessions that you can submit to your insurance provider, however I cannot guarantee reimbursement. Check with your health plan, as a doctor’s referral may be necessary for reimbursement. Please note that insurance plans do not pay for missed appointments and you will be responsible for full payment.


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