Have you done a ton of work on yourself, and are not making the progress you want? Have you hit a wall, maybe for the umpteenth time, and realized that the therapy, the yoga, the meditation, the spiritual retreats, just aren’t creating the lasting change in your life you desire?


We have been hypnotized, traumatized, victimized and advertised into forgetting.

We have gotten lost from our bodies, and withdrawn from our hearts. We live looking outwards, trying to find a way to fill the hole inside. As we develop healthy power, our hearts feel safer. As our hearts fill, we can sit in the moment and see the truth of ourselves and each other with more presence. Power, Love, and Presence, integrated together, create the experience of organic evolution towards who we really are—individually, as partners, and as leaders.

Develop your potency.

Open your heart vulnerably.

Become embodied and present to this moment.

Counseling - Power


Embrace your power in a way that is not aggressive or violent, but imbued with grace and potency.

Counseling - Love


Learn how to drop into love and vulnerability as a path to deep bonding, healing, and transformation.
Counseling - Presence


Discover how to be present in reality, and where you can be more effective in life, love, and work because of that presence.
Every person I work with is unique, and each needs a unique, personalized approach to uncovering their best selves and their best lives.

I offer decades of experience in a variety of mind-body-spirit healing modalities that can create the lasting transformation in your life you truly want. Many people come to me and want to passively sit in their chair, or on the table, and do nothing. And then they are frustrated when they don’t get better.

If you are genuinely ready to grow and heal, and to meet your life head-on, even if it is only a little right now, that is enough to get started.

I offer personalized one-on-one sessions online via Zoom. Depending on your needs, your session might include:

Develop your potency.

Discovering how to live at the edge of your comfort zone, and learning how to dance with the pain, wonder, fear and joy that life brings is not for everyone. If you feel deep in your gut that there is more to life than what you are experiencing now, and you are willing to commit the time and resources it takes to learn how to live there, then I can guide you on your journey.

Reach out today, and let’s explore how we can create more love, potency and presence in every area of your life.


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