When doing deep shadow work to explore our unconscious wounds and feelings, it is more and more helpful to have access to something greater than ourselves. Each of us have had experiences of nature, or synchronicities, or “peak experiences” that elicit the notion of something greater than ourselves, of something sacred. Deepening our awareness of and understanding of, and even our feeling of something higher can be extremely important to us in the unfolding of our lives. Whether we are healing old pain and trauma, or unfolding into our calling in life, or struggling with illness or death, spiritual work is a universal experience in peoples lives at some point or another.

Coming into relationship with the enormity of Life and what it brings, whether it be struggles in relationship, health, work, or with Spirit, getting some support can be crucial.

Eric has been trained in numerous spiritual traditions, including a 9 year training as a Pathwork Helper, completed in 2007. Pathwork is a non-denominational blend of psychology and spirituality that explores the human Shadow, and brings about a deeper understanding of self, and relationship to others and to Spirit. Eric’s style of this work often does not bring forth as Pathwork, or Buddhism, or teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Gurdjieff, Carlos Castaneda,  or Adyashanti, though he has been greatly influenced by all of these teachers and traditions. He brings  a practical exploration of spirituality as it pertains to what the client is bringing forth in the moment.

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