No More Mr. Nice Guy – Talk May 28

No More Mr Nice Guy EB image

Thursday, May 28, 2015
Expressive Arts @ 32nd and Thorn
3201 Thorn, St, San Diego

Open to Men and Women

Have you been a really “nice guy”, only to watch the woman you care about walk all over you or even reject you for some jerk who treats her poorly?

Have you been put in the “friend zone” more times than you care to admit?

What if success with women, career and life really requires a man who can be both decent and a little dangerous, who is both generous and fierce, who has both a big heart and perhaps even bigger balls?

Delving into where you have cowered or collapsed with lovers or potential lovers, or at work, I will do some teaching about it, and then have some time to process some of this, to dig deeper into the causes and the solutions.

Learn more about the upcoming weekend workshop June 5-7: No More Mr. Nice Guy at Manzanita Ranch in Warner Springs. Feel free to reach out by email to me at or call me at 619-807-3042 if you have questions.

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