No More Mr. Nice Guy Workshop

Reclaiming your potency as a man.

(a transformative weekend workshop for men)

June 5th- 7th
Friday 6pm to Sunday 3pm
(Residential Retreat – Shared room and vegetarian meals included)

For more information and to get a taste of the work, join me for a free experiential talk:

Free talk in San Diego May 28, 7pm

Have you been a really “nice guy”, only to watch the woman you care about walk all over you or even reject you for some jerk who treats her poorly?

Have you been put in the “friend zone” more times than you care to admit?

What if success with women, career and life really requires a man who can be both decent and a little dangerous, who is both generous and fierce, who has both a big heart and perhaps even bigger balls?

We will do deep process work, movement, meditation, and writing.  We will also have guest facilitator Triambika, an international tantra teacher and sex educator to do some teaching and experiential exercises to help us drop into our potency and sexuality from a new perspective. And, as a great bonus, we will have a panel of women to answer questions and offer feedback as to how they see us.

Manzanita Village Retreat Center




Facilitated by Eric Sjoberg

Facilitated by Eric Sjoberg

Guest Facilitator Triambika

Guest Facilitator Triambika

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