Psychedelic Integration

Please do not contact me for medicine/psychedelic sessions. Only if you need support to integrate previous psychedelic experiences.

OR better yet to learn how I have integrated decades of medicine work into coaching that can access these states without medicine.

Psychedelic Integration can help to assist those seeking support in connection with psychedelic experiences. Individuals who have had challenging experiences can benefit from a better understanding of the often-uncomfortable feelings stirred up by psychedelics.

In fact, the use of psychedelics throughout history by shamans has helped people to learn to befriend and learn from uncomfortable feelings (which can include positive feelings where we avoid them as well).

Since the blossoming on the use of psychedelics in the 60’s and 70’s, many have discovered the benefits of these medicines to help with personal evolution and healing trauma.


Psychedelic Integration

The use of these substances continues today, despite legal issues. The potential benefits that can arise from working with them are often displaced by the circumstances, intentions, and support (or lack thereof) surrounding these experiences.

Eric Sjoberg

Eric’s background with psychedelics and integration:

I began exploring psychedelics in high school and college and continue to this day, though rarely. The most profound of my experiences with psychedelics began with a series of psychedelic psychotherapy sessions with a practitioner who had been doing this work for many years as an underground therapist. This took my inner work to a profound level that I had been unable to access, or even be aware of, prior. Repressed memories began to emerge somatically, clearly traumatic content arose without cognition, and over many sessions, began to open up awareness and healing.

As I continued healing these rather rough experiences, the difficulties of my life and relationships began to make more and more sense, even as they softened.

I had already trained in various forms of trauma practice and parts work in the form of Somatic Experiencing, Pathwork, and somatic therapy through bodywork.

This eventually led to being invited to participate in MultiDisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies as a sitter for the phase 3 trials. I participated in the training in Redondo Beach with Michael Mithoeffer MD, (lead investigator), His wife Annie Mithoefer, Rick Doblin, and Marcela Ot’alora.

I did not feel able to participate in the study itself, but the week l spent in the training with these amazing people and my incredible classmates was a pleasure and an honor. I learned a lot, and even offered a one day primer on Somatic Experiencing to both the Los Angeles and Bay area teams.

I continue to offer integration sessions, though encourage people to do this in the context of ongoing work, as integration tends to be quite a deep process.

Rick Doblin and Eric Sjoberg

Annie MIthoeffer and Eric Sjoberg

Psychedelic Integration

Difficult experiences with psychedelics (dualistically called “bad trips”) often need support to integrate and learn from. Material can arise in the body, the emotions, and the mind that may be frightening or anxiety causing, even in familiar surroundings. Residual difficulties can remain for years, and can, in fact, cause problems in life.

With the current resurgence in psychedelic use, there is also more support in integrating these experiences where previously there was nowhere to turn.

With compassion, insight, and an abundance of his own healing coming from extensive psychedelic psychotherapy, Eric brings open-hearted curiosity and support to psychedelic experience integration.

NOTE: Psychedelic Integration work is intended for those who have used psychedelic substances in their personal lives outside of a legal setting. Under no circumstances will Eric administer, prescribe or otherwise provide any psychedelic or other controlled substance to a patient during therapy. Additionally, my support model does not include guiding, supervising or otherwise taking responsibility for a patient during a psychedelic experience. Clients should not plan to attend therapy sessions while under the influence of any psychedelic or any other controlled substance unless prescribed by a doctor.

Psychedelic Integration = Maps

Psychedelic Resources: MAPS

What Is MAPS?  Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.

For more information on MAPS research into MDMA-assisted psychotherapy:

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