Relationship as a Path to Awakening

November 7, 2014hands touching energy
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Expressive Arts adn 32nd and Thorn
3201 Thorn St
San Diego, CA 92104
Donation $10 (or more!)
Eventbrite - Relationship as a Path to Awakening

Are you finding dissatisfaction in your relationship, or struggling

in finding one that feels satisfying? The vulnerability of sadness, longing, frustration, and hopelessness can bring us to our knees. It can lead us into fights and breakups, bad or lacking sex, numbness and depression.

Transforming these uncomfortable emotions and sensations requires the skills to find a deep acceptance within and with your partner.  Presence with what is in this moment is a path that brings a blissful splendor and gratitude to body, mind, and heart. Guidance fosters a path of intimacy that leads one towards a delicious labyrinth of inquiry, play, exploration, pleasure.

This will lead us to:

  • greater ease in meeting and connecting with new people
  • acceptance of ourselves and our partners in the moment
  • intimacy, grace, and playfulness
  • more ease in vulnerabilty and connection
  • more connected and satisfying sex

Join me for a multi media presentation with experientials followed by question and answer.


Donations of $10 (or more) welcome!

About Eric Sjoberg:

Through his coaching and somatic therapy practice, Eric has helped hundreds of people find more intimacy, romance, connection and success since 1995. He helps people with integrating Power and Love in body, mind, and heart. 
Eric does this using many of his own material, and through a unique blend of Somatic Experiencing®, Pathwork® Spiritual Counseling, and a lifetime of exploring personal and spiritual growth paths. Clients who have struggled hopelessly have found more peace and fulfillment in working with Eric than they ever thought possible.
When Eric isn’t helping people feel better, he can be found anywhere between the trees and waves of San Diego, or wandering in uncharted ethereal realms of spirit and ether, crafting his writing about love, non duality, or the vast and wondrous realms of the human shadow, or adventuring in and around San Diego with his significant someone. Most of his earthly adventures involve healthy eating, travel, yoga, dancing, and finding ways to be with nature.
Eric strives to bring as much fun and adventure to his work as he does in his personal life. He sees the adventure of difficult experiences as an opportunity, not a burden.


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