Navigating Emotional Reaction – Talk

Friday, December 5th  7-9pm
Expressive Arts at 32nd and Thorn
3201 Thorn St, San Diego

The holidays are here, and for many of us the

CoupleFightgood cheer is interrupted by conflict and drama in our relationships. Fights, fears, unmet expectations all lead to challenging moments and situations that are magnified by the cultural facade of the holidays.

Learning how to manage one’s own emotional reactions and how to stay present in the face of our loved one’s reactions is not an easy task, especially this time of year. Join me for an evening of exploring how we might understand the underlying issues we face and to learn some ways to have a better holiday. 

This will lead us to:

  • interrupt the cascades of emotional reaction that arise in us
  • better tolerate the reactions of those around us
  • understand the Call to Love that lives below these reactions
  • find our way into each other’s hearts during this time of family and friends

Join me for a presentation with experientials followed by question and answer. 

Donations of $10 (or more) welcome!

Eventbrite - Navigating Emotional Reaction in Relationship

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