I sought help from Eric during an intensely traumatic period of my life.  His work and insights have shown me that the body has an innate ability to heal.  I now use these skills in my daily life to regain presence and relieve overwhelm.

Blake K.

Escondido, CA , February 2009

In my work with Eric I have been able to access parts of myself that have been locked up for years. Eric creates such a feeling of safety and trust which allow me to open up feelings and parts of my personality which I have longed to feel for years. He is able to hang with me in the highs, as well as the deep intense work of accessing the inner child and unwinding trauma.

Robert V.

I have known Eric as a colleague for many years and I have seen his perseverance and dedication in his work as a healer. Eric not only has refined skills and knowledge, but also a wonderful combination of care, wisdom and life experience that allows his work to be truly transforming.

Elizabeth LaCaze


The thing that I feel is very significant for me is that I don’t feel as intimidated or guilty or ashamed or whatever when I can’t express what I’m feeling in words with Eric. It’s just not necessary.  It’s more like just letting it go, feeling the feelings and getting into the habit of being in that state more often as a regular part of my life.  I’m well on my way to getting healed.  I still have a long way to go, but I would have never gotten there without Eric and his style of doing things—somatic experiencing.

Phil K.

San Diego, CA

I feel good about the progress I have made during the dozen or so Somatic Experiencing sessions I have had with Eric so far. I sense layers of trauma unwinding from my body and mind, as my hypervigilance shifts into a more trusting stance.

Compared to much of my adult life, I now find myself sleeping more soundly most nights, and breathing more easily most days. My pain episodes have become less frequent and less intense. When these episodes do occur, I use techniques Eric has taught me to release the pain more quickly. All of these improvements help me to be me more lighthearted in relating to others and to myself.


San Diego, CA

He can handle anything that you’re going to say, anything you throw at him.

Anthony B.

San Diego, CA

“Eric helped me transform my ‘dark night of the soul’ into a source of power, joy and ease in my life.”

Dawn G.

San Diego, CA

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