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“Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and healing. I’m Eric Sjoberg, , a somatic life coach, committed to guiding you through the layers of your being to uncover the obstacles to healing and awakening the strength and serenity within. Our unique quiz offers not just insights but a path forward, tailored just for you. Let’s embark on this journey together.”

IFS Therapy: Trauma - Eric Sjoberg

Why My Quiz?

My carefully designed quiz serves as a mirror to your current self, reflecting your growth areas and potential paths to healing. It draws from a blend of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Somatic Experiencing, Pathwork, and my proprietary Unveiling Self model, offering personalized coaching responses to illuminate your way forward. By participating, you’re not just gaining insights; you’re stepping closer to a life of balance, understanding, and profound self-improvement.

My Unique Healing Philosophy

At the core of our practice lies a unique blend of methodologies aimed at addressing past traumas and childhood hurts. Through Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, Pathwork, and the groundbreaking Unveiling Self model, I tailor a healing path that acknowledges and nurtures all facets of your being. This holistic approach ensures a journey not just to recovery but to a profound, life-long transformation.

IFS Therapy: Motivation - Eric Sjoberg

Stories of Transformation

“Despite years of on-and-off therapy prior to beginning my work with Eric, I hadn’t yet begun to truly observe and feel the impacts that a childhood of trauma had had on my daily existence as an adult. Using equal parts insight and compassion, Eric helped me begin the vital process of learning to see and be with parts of myself that have needed attention and compassion. Through working with Eric, I learned how to start showing up for myself—to “be the person I needed when I was younger.” Developing this skill has, in turn, had immeasurable positive impacts on my ability to show up as a father for my own children.”

E.A., 42 y/o male

“I met Eric during the darkest days of my life, with serious personal, marital, work and health challenges flooding me at the same time. Working with Eric helped me navigate through the overwhelmingly entangled collection of memories, emotions and feelings. His expertise in IFS (Internal Family System) helped me have a better understanding of the roots of problems, and become more conscious about my incompetencies. Seeing myself as an intelligent accomplished physician, it was a very difficult process to realize how uninformed and naive I was about many aspects of emotional development and how they affected my behaviors, actions and relationships.

Offering carefully selected books to read and teaching mental and physical exercises (via Zoom, during Covid times, of course), Eric guided me through the acute phase, and I was able to find a much more stable, balanced and peaceful life and mindset, with more awareness of my powers and boundaries.

It took me almost 18 months of work with Eric (more frequent sessions in some months, less in others) to get where I am right now, trying to rebuild and raise a happy family. It may take shorter or longer for others, but I can say for sure that working with Eric Sjoberg, you will be in good hands. He knows what he’s doing.”

HG, 42 y/o male

“Eric’s work is it. I have been seeking for years, and now I have the tools I need to breathe where I couldn’t before.

Eric’s work gets to the root. I consider myself a savvy guy in the world of growth and living well, living consciously. But I have continued to struggle, especially in relationship. I have sought all sorts of help from other therapists, men’s groups, spiritual work, body based somatic and nervous system work… I have been around.

With the latest work I have been doing with Eric, I feel like there is nothing else I need.”

Skeet, San Diego, CA

“As a survivor of stage IIIB breast cancer, I had the imperative need for regaining confidence in my body and life force. Working with Eric helped me to reconnect to a calmer more relaxed place within. His hands and voice were a stabilizing force which allowed me to rest and relax. He has a way of patiently listening and intuiting what my body and mind need to feel more peace and wholeness. I am very grateful for his healing energy and caring disposition. I would highly recommend him for anyone who needs comfort and healing in their life.”

Margaret V., La Jolla, CA

“Working with Eric was a transformational experience for me. I felt totally safe in the environment he created and trusted his integrity and intention. During my sessions I was able to move deeper through places in my psyche that I was still resisting. His skill, curiosity and interest in my exploration gently encouraged me to open to previously unknown inner territory. The experience and energetic movement created changes that continue to have an impact on me in my life. I am looking forward to my next session!”

Teri T., San Diego, CA

“Eric saved my life. After years of work with ADHD and PTSD, Eric had me on my feet and running within a matter of weeks. His kind heart and keen intuition combined with such a gentle bedside manner made it easy to allow him into my life where others had failed. Within my first sessions I was getting results, I felt free and empowered to accomplish what seemed so overwhelming for most of my life. I feel balanced and am no longer operating in reaction mode. It has even drawn the attention of those around me, they tell me how happy I look all the time.”

Chris H., San Diego, CA

“Eric helped me transform my ‘dark night of the soul’ into a source of power, joy and ease in my life. The work we have done together has permanently released the obstacles to having an epic relationship with my beloved, and I am forever changed, and grateful.”

Dawn G., San Diego, CA

IFS Therapy: Trauma - Eric Sjoberg

Inside the Quiz

Comprising 9 thought-provoking multiple-choice questions, our quiz delves into the primary colors of Self – power, love, and presence – across intra-personal, inter-personal, and omni-personal contexts. Each answer is linked to a stage of competence, offering unique coaching advice to foster growth towards the next level of your journey.

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