When Nice Isn’t Talk

man_with_flowers_0April 30, 2015
Expressive Arts at 32nd and Thorn

Have you been a really “nice guy”, only to watch the woman you care about walk all over you or even reject you for some jerk who treats her poorly?

Have you been a “nice girl” and found guys get all sticky, or maybe ignore you, and you don’t want to hurt their feelings by saying something so you just get bitchy or disappear on them?

Have you been put in the “friend zone” more times than you care to admit?

Are you not getting what you really want out of your relationships, your career, and your sex life?

What if success with women, career and life really requires a man who can be both decent and a little dangerous, who is both generous and fierce, who has both a big heart and perhaps even bigger balls?

What if success with men and career and life really requires a woman to know how to say and do things that might be painful for someone, and trust that setting strong clear boundaries can actually be better for everybody?

Come to my talk on April 30, 2015 and learn more about how this might show up in your life, and how to work with it.

And for men: hear more about the upcoming class on Nice Guy recovery starting in May… 

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