Your First Session

If I have sent you any paperwork to fill out, please do so prior to our session, so we can get right into it…

The Waiting Room

Please make yourself comfortable in your car, or outside somewhere. Text or call me when you arrive and are ready for your session. That allows the person before you the chance to leave before you come in.

In the Office

We will start by talking about what your needs and wants are in our work. We will talk some about your history so that I can get to know you a little.

Your Needs First

Before beginning the session, I will ask you to alert me if, at any time during the session, if anything that we do is uncomfortable for you. Typically we will not do any bodywork on the first session, and for some clients bodywork involving touch is not part of our work at all. I will encourage you gently from time to time to notice what is happening in your body, and depending on your comfort level, more awareness and even bodywork will be incorporated.

Completion of the Session

I will let you know when our session is approaching its scheduled end time. If I have the time, and you would like to stay longer, we can talk about that. Your fee will be prorated accordingly.

I suggest that you schedule some time after our session to take a walk around the neighborhood, or in Balboa Park (practically across the street) so that you can get reoriented and be ready to operate the heavy machinery of you car.

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